Rhythm- Random While the shots tend to line up with the music rhythmically, the film itself has a more random rhythm through time. Shots occur on different beats, without progressing or alternating in any way.

Color – MonoYchromatic – Analogous The film is predominately blue in tone, however we see shots scattered throughout that satisfy the analogous mark for color. At 38 seconds into the film, we see a pair of beautiful shots full of green and blue, which are analagous colors on the color wheel.

ENERGY and EYE MOVEMENT – Low While each of the shots are different and interesting, they aren’t too incredibly busy. Therefore, eye movement remains low.

Clarity and Depth We chose to spotlight a place. The Florida Space Coast is a place unlike any other. With it’s proximity to Orlando and it’s rich diversity of culture, science, and wildlife we felt it was a perfect place to showcase.

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